From acquisition to disposition, we can help with your technology needs. Read on to learn about our asset management solutions, lease and finance options, and what to do with your surplus equipment.

Asset Management

Managing your surplus and obsolete technology equipment is a critical and growing problem for many organizations. Are you one of them? Our enterprise customers and leasing partners succeed when we recover value from their used technology equipment. If you are seeking to obtain residual value from your surplus and obsolete technology equipment, contact Computer Gallery today.

Our Asset Management services include:

Data Erasure

Computer Gallery certified technicians perform storage device erasure to make certain that data is completely destroyed. Choose from a 3, 4, or 7-pass Department of Defense overwrite depending upon your security requirements. For each storage device, we provide an individual Certificate of Destruction to confirm the data has been destroyed.

Remarketing Programs

Computer Gallery will maximize the value of your surplus and obsolete technology equipment through our worldwide remarketing network. Avoid further depreciation of your assets by taking action now. Our customers can get paid upfront for their equipment or can structure consignment programs. We also manage employee purchase programs and beneficiary programs for your selected charitable organization.

Electronic Waste Disposal

Computer Gallery partners with EPA certified recyclers that specialize in the responsible disposal of technology equipment. We have a zero landfill policy towards end of life electronics. Computer Gallery also strictly prohibits the export of any unprocessed material to underdeveloped countries or the utilization of prison labor. We inventory, segregate, dismantle, reuse and recycle the electronic items in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Our customers receive a certification report which outlines that they are in accordance with local, state or federal laws.

Transportation and Logistics

Computer Gallery specializes in the dismantling, packing, and transporting of technology equipment. We have handled equipment on six of the seven continents. Let us ensure your equipment is transported promptly and safely at the lowest rate possible.

Degaussing and Shredding

Computer Gallery’s team provides total destruction for failed storage devices through degaussing and shredding procedures. You choose the best solution for your security requirements.

Asset Audit and Reporting

Computer Gallery certified technicians test each piece of equipment using standardized procedures to determine functionality and condition. All audit information is provided real-time through customized reporting tools. We also remove any tags from equipment to eliminate visible identity of ownership.

Imaging and Reformatting

Computer Gallery can warehouse your standard image or create a custom image for your equipment. Our certified technicians rapidly deploy images across hundreds of machines daily.