From acquisition to disposition, we can help with your technology needs. Read on to learn about our asset management solutions, lease and finance options, and what to do with your surplus equipment.

Leasing and Financing

Protect yourself from obsolesce. Refresh your equipment with a disciplined leasing system that keeps you on track and focused, in a more proactive manner than equipment purchase. Tracking, depreciation issues, and disposal will become concerns of the past.

Quick Facts


Copiers, Desktops, Displays, Laptops, Networking, Notebooks, PCs, Point-Of-Sale, Printers, Projectors, Scanners, Servers, Security, Software, Storage, Tablets, Telecommunications (bundle multiple equipment types on one lease)

Industries Served

Agriculture, Business aviation, Business services, Government (Federal, State, and Local), Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing and processing, Production, Restaurant, Telecommunications, Transportation


United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada


Fair Market Value, 10% Purchase Option, $1.00 Purchase Option, TRAC Lease, Seasonal Lease, and Step Lease


12 to 60 months

Transaction Sizes

$1,000 to multimillions of dollars

End of Lease Options

  • Purchase the equipment for the current fair market value, 10% of original equipment cost, or $1.00 (depending on lease structure)
  • Continue leasing the equipment at a negotiated payment
  • Refresh your equipment with a new lease
  • Return the equipment