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We specialize in technology equipment.

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Efficient asset management of surplus and obsolete technology equipment is a critical and growing issue for many organizations. Is this an issue for you? Our enterprise customers and leasing partners succeed when we recover value from their used technology equipment. If you are seeking to obtain residual value from your surplus or obsolete technology equipment, contact Computer Gallery today. Our Asset Management services save you time and add value in the following areas:

Certified technicians at Computer Gallery perform storage device erasure to make certain that data is completely destroyed. Choose from a standard reformatting operation, or a 3-, 4-, or 7-pass Department of Defense compliant overwrite (DoD 5220.22-M), depending upon your security requirements. We can provide an individual Certificate of Destruction to confirm the data has been destroyed, if desired. If the customer desires total destruction of the storage device we can accommodate that also – contact us to learn more.
Computer Gallery will maximize the value of your surplus technology equipment through our worldwide remarketing network. Avoid further depreciation of your assets by taking action now. Our customers can choose to get paid upfront for their equipment or can structure consignment programs. We also manage employee purchase programs and beneficiary programs for your selected charitable organizations. Contact us to learn more.
We observe a Zero Landfill policy governing end of life electronics, and partner with EPA certified recyclers that specialize in the responsible disposal of technology equipment. Computer Gallery also strictly prohibits the export of any unprocessed material to underdeveloped countries, or the utilization of prison labor. We inventory, segregate, dismantle, reuse and recycle the electronic items in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Our customers receive a certification report which outlines that they are in accordance with local, state or federal laws.

Another Computer Gallery specialty is the dismantling, packing, and transporting of technology equipment. We have handled equipment on six of the seven continents. Let us ensure your equipment is transported promptly and safely at the lowest shipping rates possible. To learn more or to request a quote for pickup and shipment, send us an email at

Our certified technicians test each piece of equipment using standardized procedures to determine functionality and operating condition. All audit information is provided real-time through customized reporting tools. We also remove any tags from equipment to eliminate visible identity of ownership.

Computer Gallery is a partner in the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program and assures all units are properly licensed. This partnership and our procedures ensure that customers who purchase technology from us always receive properly licensed units. For clients who remarket through us, it also helps maximize the ROI of individual technology items being remarketed.

Computer Gallery can warehouse your standard disk image or create a custom image for your equipment. Our certified technicians rapidly deploy images across hundreds of machines daily using our robust 10G fiber-optic custom proprietary network.

About Us

From acquisition to disposition, we can help with your technology needs. Our customers look to us for assistance with:

  • Technology Products

  • Data Erasure & Destruction

  • Remarketing Programs

  • EPA-Approved Electronic Waste Disposal

When you become a customer of Computer Gallery, a team of specialists is dedicated to your needs. This personalized team will be with you every step of the way: answering questions, updating you regularly, and anticipating your needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Enjoy the convenience and ease of purchasing your products and services from Computer Gallery. Whether this is your first purchase or one of many, we are sure that you will enjoy your Computer Gallery experience.

Our team is led by Jason Madison, Director of Computer Gallery. He has risen through the ranks of the Computer Gallery team during his 7+ years with the company. When Jason first joined, he was the first to establish product listings in Ebay, eventually developing and growing the capability to the full selection we have today.

As his role expanded, Jason also established the direct sales function of Computer Gallery products. In addition to overseeing all of the operational aspects of Computer Gallery’s product flow, Jason has also worked with our network management vendor to utilize the best technology for the benefit of our customers. From the perspectives of sales, operations, warehousing, and technology, Jason has done it all, and he brings that broad expertise to bear to serve you best.

Prior to joining Computer Gallery, Jason spent several years in supervisory and trainer roles at Wegmans Food Markets Inc., the privately-held grocery retail chain that has garnered consistently high rankings in the FORTUNE magazine list “100 Best Companies to Work For”.

Our Philosophy

Whether you have been a customer for months, years, or decades, you will receive the same consistent service. Your equipment changes, but our service won’t.

Mission Statement

Be prepared to anticipate our customers’ needs and enthusiastically work together to exceed expectations in a manner that makes us feel proud.

Core Values

Honesty and integrity always.

Consistent excellence in products, services, and presentation.

Respect, tolerance, and encouragement for individuals and their ideas.

Listen and provide effective solutions. Passion for improvement

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Computer Gallery believes that every customer should have easy access to our team. We’ll make sure you do not waste your time navigating through an automated phone attendant, and will route your inquiry to the member of our team who is best equipped to respond to your needs.